Running Deer Golf Club Wedding | Larry & Mariel

I’m always amazed to here how couples meet.  Larry and Mariel’s started with a broken ankle.  Larry’s sister, Leah, was in Marques & Corey’s Wedding back in June and told him he had to give us a call.  I’m so glad he did.  We had so much fun with them.  After talking for awhile I even found out the Larry’s aunt was my favorite High School teacher.  I was so looking forward to seeing her but she wasn’t able to make the wedding.  You’re the best Mrs. Cook! (Please don’t grade this post, I still struggle with grammar & spelling.)

As your looking through the pictures you will see Mariel’s weakness, Starbucks.  The girls just had to stop before heading to the wedding.  The other customers walking weren’t quite sure what was going on but everyone was beeping their horn when they walked out.

This was our first time shooting a wedding at Running Deer Golf Club.  What a beautiful place, and what a gorgeous day.  The staff was great and I almost lost Ruth for the rest of night when they opened up THE ROOM.  Can you believe they have a room named “The Chocolate Indulgence Room”.  Wall to wall, floor to ceiling CHOCOLATE!

Enjoy just a taste of their day.

Other Professionals that helped make the day great for Larry & Mariel:

Florist – Anton’s Florist

Venue & Catering – Running Deer Golf Club

Cake Artist – DiBartolo’s Bakery

Musicians – Party of Three

DJ – All Star Entertainment

Be sure to check out Larry & Mariel’s Wedding Gallery on our Proofing page, and don’t forget to pre-register for their Wedding Gallery before October 7, 2012 to save $5.00 on your order!

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